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Currently, the Matsui Foundation’s exclusive focus is supporting the innovative CSin3 program offered jointly by Hartnell College (Salinas, CA) and California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). CSin3 is an exciting opportunity for students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from CSUMB in just three years. By concentrating its scholarships in this high-demand field, the Matsui Foundation hopes not only to invest in the immediate development and success of local scholars but in the long-term growth and economic vitality of our region.

The CSin3 program is offered in a cohort model, meaning each entering class proceeds together through the predetermined curriculum. The program also includes an industry internship opportunity in the middle of the three years. Students in this accelerated program receive the following benefits:

  • Graduating one year earlier than in a traditional 4-year program
  • Earning a degree in a high paying, high demand technology field
  • Spending less than half the average tuition for a 4-year public university
  • Being part of a learning community cohort
  • Accessing enrichment activities such as tutoring and internships

Complete information about CSin3 and the Matsui Foundation scholarship can be found here.

APPLYING FOR THE MATSUI FOUNDATION CSin3 SCHOLARSHIP: Prior to applying for a scholarship, all students must be admitted into the CSin3 program.


RENEWING THE SCHOLARSHIP: The scholarship award is proportionally allocated each semester of the CSin3 program. To renew the scholarship, students must continue to participate in the CSin3 program at the prescribed course pacing, maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher, and submit a progress report with a request for scholarship continuance to the Matsui Foundation.

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